Radiance Facial

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This treatment includes the following steps.
1. Jojoba Magic Scrub./120ml
2. Gentle Cleanser./120ml
3. Radiance Serum./30ml
4. Radiance and Brightening Cream./50ml
5. Radiance Mask./120ml
• Revitalize and nourishes the skin makes it supple and radiant.
• Maintains moisture, and refine skin texture.
• Stimulates, energizes the cells, and gives glowing look to the skin and feel of freshness and softness to the skin.

Target Clients; Fine lines lack of elasticity, tired and dull complexion.

Customer will get instant radiance look, fine lines are less noticeable, skin is revitalized with nutrients and look glowing and fresh.

This facial treatment will lasts for 20 treatments.