Professional Peeling Treatments

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Set of Treatments include the following;.
1. Skin cleanser./355ml
2. Alpha hydroxy peeling./500ml
3. Hyaluronic Cream./120ml
4. Jojoba Magic Scrub./120ml

• Professional Peeling Treatment is a true innovation in the field of skin exfoliation.
• It eliminates the dead cells.
• It favours the renewal of the skin cells and diminishes the thickness of the stratum corneum.
• It regulates the growth of epidermal cells.
• Immediate results are the fading away of the hyperpigmentation, age spot, regulates the oil on the skin, soften the wrinkles of the skin.
• Ultimate Radiance results after the whole procedure is done, with the glowing and fresh looking appearance of the skin, which complements the ultimate beauty.

This AHA peeling treatment will lasts up to 50 treatments.