Hi Contour Professional Elite system Three step Acne Control Kit


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Acne Control Mask/Face Wash/Control Cream

Acne is caused by the over production of sebum, or oil by the sebaceous glands of the skin, and further infection of glands by the bacteria. This can cause black head and comedones.

A little about the comedones

There are different kinds of comedones.

Open Comedones are the result ‘of drained sebum papules, which later on turns into pigmented skin, as a result of over production melanin.

Closed Comedones are the result of complete blockade of the glands openings, on to the skin surface. Due to the accumulation of sebum underneath the skin, which results in the white heads on the skin?

Conclusion: Hicontour has designed a program for acne control on daily and weekly regimen for a healthy and glowing skin.

Weekly Regimen

lt takes about 28 days for the regeneration of the new skin cells. For the regeneration of the skin, the upper layer cornifies into dead cells needs to be removed.

Weekly step 1

Hi Contour Papaya Face Mask

(Use it once a week)

Hicontour has designed a mask which contans,  papaya Alovera lef juice, and teatree oil, and neem tree oil, Teae tree oil is anti inflamatory in its nature. Papain enzymes in papya, removes dead cells from the skin, and beta-carotene which is provitamin A, it speeds up healing, prevent breakouts, maintains the integrity of dermi and epidermis. Presence of natural steroids in it helps in controlling the overproduction of sebum.  Hicontour recommends using the mask once a week to  control acne.

Daily Regimen Step 2

For the daily maintenance of the skin to control the acne, Hicontoue use Salicylic acid  , green tea, turmeric with basil and vitmins.

NOTE: This scientifically designed herbal composition is the combination of herbal extracts and other bioactive ingredients, it is useful for mild Acne, , so use it with caution, don’t apply on the

Hi Contour Acne Control Cleanser

Cleansing the skin day and night to control the acne Hicontour Cleanser has Salicylic acid, and DL Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Jojoba Pearls made with Jojoba oil.

Note: Thoroughly wash the skin after use,

Hi Contour Acne Control Cream        

Acne control cream with Salicylic acid, and a lot  of antioxidants and skin nourishing  ingredients including Vitamins, natural herbal extracts and minerals. This unique combination helps in controlling the acne and gives skin a natural glowing look.

Use it twice a day for the best results.

Warning: Stop using it if you have allergic reaction.

Acne Control Kit

Acne Control Kit


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Hi Contour Professional Elite system Three step Acne Control Kit


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