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Our promise: Hi Contour is always seeking ways to bring high quality product in the market. We strongly believe on botanical bioactive and energising high quality ingredients. The primary ingredients are carefully selected to ensure their optimization of the skin, including upper and lower layers, as well as base of the skin tissue. These bioactive ingredients rejuvenate skin barriers and microstructures of the nourishing glands of skin by increasing the blood flow in the small blood capillaries between layers of skin.

Our skin care products naturally protect the skin and help skin cells resume their normal growth and function after being damaged by the harsh environment. While keeping our products updated with new discoveries, specifically, new ingredients of plant origin, we continue to develop new formulations. Our cosmetology chemists and cosmetologists work side by side in product development to meet the challenges of time and expectations of our enthusiastic customers, in satisfying their beauty enhancing needs. So, we now present this magical cream which speaks for itself, no introduction necessary.

Intense Brightening cream is for all types of skin including:

  • Deeply dehydrated skin.
  • Sun damaged skin.
  • Very dull looking with uneven skin tone.
  • Hyper pigmentation.


  • Maximum hydration.
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines.
  • Minimise large pores.
  • Accelerates collagen formation.
  • Increases brightness and healthy glow of skin.

Especially bioactive ingredients

Our radiance is driven by the bioactive, Evodia Rutaecarpa fruit extract, Zemea, plant origin ingredient as a skin protectant, natural coconut oil, avocado oil, amino acids building blocks of cells, B vitamins, co-enzyme Q10, vitamin C. And ceramide complex helps to maintain the normal collagen and serves as a skin barrier.


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Hi Contour Intense Brightening Radiance Cream


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