Everlast Eyeliner

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An eyeliner to last you longer, and we made it smudge-free so you never have to worry about fixing it.

  • Intense colours.
  • Does not Smudge.
  • Fine felt tip.
  • Easy to make Winged Eye.
  • Nice flow of pigments.
  • For makeup artists, different possibilities to do the art work.
  • Easy to remove with soap and water
  • Water resistant.

How to apply: Start from the inner corner of the eye, use your eye lashes as a guide and follow the lash line towards the outer corner, practice and steady hands will make a nice and precise line.

One coat is enough for the fine line, use double coat to make line thicker.

Price: Coming Soon!

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Color Swatches

Black, Green, Purple, Blue, Brown