young woman aiming an airbrush pistol in front of her

Our instructors are veteran of cosmetics industry, having worked in it for over 20 years. They are very well trained in training programs.

HiContour the Fast Track Condensed Makeup Course for artists who are passionate about learning how to apply airbrush makeup. This course is designed so people can start their own businesses or earn some extra crash while doing something that they love.

Step 1: One Day Introductory Course only $195
Hi-Contour is offering one day beginners airbrush makeup course. It is for anyone interested in becoming a makeup artist – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Our introductory one day course, addresses topics about the airbrush mechanics, about the airbrush handling and assembly, and its use.
Step 2: Five Day Advanced Course only $600
The duration of the program is five days and during these five days the students will learn how to use an airbrush, color theory, applying make up for black and white photo shoots, bridal makeup, skin tone analysis, skin undertones, how to correct lips, put on false lashes, learn how to apply regular makeup, and how to handle and clean their air bush machine which will also be provided by the course.The students will then spend one week practicing the skills taught in the course on at least ten clients, they will then take pictures of their work. At the end of the week they will come back and show me their results and they will then be given exam to verify their knowledge. The exam will test all the knowledge learned during the course. In order for a student to get their diploma they must pass this test with at least 70%.With this five day course lunch will be provided for the students.

Don’t miss out on weddings, grads, parties, photo shoots, etc. Be there for total beauty workout! start doing makeup and hair and be the hit of any occasion.

Airbrush Kits

Professional airbrush kit with airbrush machine, brushes, and makeup is available for $1200, as well as a home kit with an air brush machine, one foundation, one blush-on for $150 and up.


Silver Airbrush Series Kit Includes ($250 and up)

Silver Series Kit


Air Brush Machine


One Foundation

One Powder

One Diluter




Gold Airbrush Series Kit Includes ($375 and up)    


Gold Series Kit

Air Brush Machine


Five Foundations

Two Powders

One Diluter





Professional Diamond Airbrush Kit Includes ($1200 and up)

  • Air Brush Machine
  • All Foundations
  • Airbrush eye shadows
  • Airbrush Blush On
  • Air Brush Lipstick color
  • Manual brushes for eyes, lips, and powders
  • Mini-tester Pallet
  • Cake Liner
  • Plastic Two Hole Sharpener
  • Brow Stencils Set
  • Concealer
  • Lash comb
  • Eye Pencils
  • Liquid Eyebrow Enhancer/Powder
  • Eye Shadows
  • Lip Sticks
  • Metal Lash Curler
  • Products knowledge Manual